Steel Mill Industry

Electric Arc Furnace

Superior's 40 years of experience in engineering, repairing, manufacturing, and re-manufacturing Steel Mill equipment and providing in field services has made us a major supplier to the Steel Industry.

We engineer, repair, manufacture, and re-manufacture all types of equipment including Electric Arc Furnace Shells, Tilt Platforms, Gantry Structures, Water Cooled Panels and Roof Systems, Water Cooled Ductwork, Ladles, Transfer Cars, and Electrode Arms to name a few.


Continuous Casting

Superior provides vertical and horizontal continuous casting equipment for steel mills spread throughout North America. We provide design engineering, manufacturing, field service capability to repair, replace equipment including complete turnkey revamps and upgrades of casting equipment. This included ladles; transfer cars; turrets, tundishes, mold oscillators, spray and roller segments, run out tables, pushers, walking beam and cooling beds.

Superior's highly skilled field service crews are OSHA trained and ready to install new and revamped mill equipment, perform scheduled outages and emergency repairs.



Superior's success is in delivering high value added Solutions to complex problems to improve its customer production processes.

A key element as a solutions provider is Superior's engineering process. Superior provides best in practice, mechanical, civil and fluid dynamic engineering.

Our engineers utilize proprietary state of the art 3 D modeling techniques; perform thermal and mechanical analysis (ex Finite Elemental Analysis (FEA) and through its own proprietary Thermo-Dynamic software system, model water cooled components and systems to maximize its designs.

This engineering capability, integrated with its manufacturing and field services provide turnkey Superior Solutions.


Ready for a turnkey, superior solution?